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The Best Wildlife Experince

Whether it an holiday or longvacation, be sure to experience wild nature with Raise Travels and Tours. Our Tour Packages are custom made for your ultimate expectations.

Why Choose Raise Travels & Tours?

Bridging the gap between Home and Away.

We design safari packages to suit travelers of all types and age groups as we pay attention to time, safety, budget constraints. We are flexible enough to incorporate last minute changes.

We handle private tours, student tours & research groups, small group tours and large group departures of up to 100 pax.

Apart from our regular safari circuits, we have also introduced walking safaris that can be done as independent activities or combined with other adventures to create a more rewarding experience.

Explore Popular Cities

Explore your World with Raise Travels and Tours. Visit these Popular Cities for a memorable day. You will enjoy your tour with us!

Cultural Experiences

Explore local cultures, wonder around historical sights in Uganda and join up for authentic experiences. Led by Local Insiders, our trips bring together small groups of culturally curious travellers who embrace the value of shared experiences, cultural immersion and travel that never feels rushed.

Airport Transfers, Pickuup & Drop offs & Car Hires

Are you leaving or coming into Uganda through Entebbe International Airport? #RaiseTravels assures you the easiest, comfortable, reliable and hassle free way to get to and from Entebbe airport to your destination within the country. This can be possible by pre-booking an airport transfer or Entebbe airport taxi with #RaiseTravels. A friendly and professional taxi driver from airport transfers Uganda will be ready and waiting to meet you upon arrival all set to whisk you away so you can start enjoying your drive without delay.

Our professional drivers are disciplined, courteous, & well-trained. We offer Chauffeur services from your residence, business, or hotel to your chosen destination around Uganda and or East Africa in our cars or your own.



Must Visit National Parks!

List of few places that you should think of adding to your bucket list. Enquire now and our travel experts will get back to you within 24 hours.

Experince African Birdwatching Tours

Africa offers some of the best birding safaris in the world. Birds are an integral part of the African landscape. Even on an ordinary safari, you can expect to see colorful bee-eaters and rollers, proud eagles and ostriches. Because it’s dominated by open savannah rather than dense rainforest, Africa tops the list for seeing a large number of species in the course of an ordinary holiday. Many leading African safari destinations boast a checklist of more than 500 bird species. These include Serengeti National Park (Tanzania), Kruger National Park (South Africa) and Queen Elizabeth National Park (Uganda). If you’ve been bitten by the birding bug, a specialist guided safari will maximize your sighting opportunities.

Where Can I see Birds?

Explore your World with Raise Travels and Tours. Visit these Popular Cities for a memorable day. You will enjoy your tour with us!

Explore Popular Cities

Explore your World with Raise Travels and Tours. Visit these Popular Cities for a memorable day. You will enjoy your tour with us!

Gorilla Trekking safari: Best Wildlife encounter

A gorilla trekking safari is a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounter.

Imagine coming eye-to-eye with a mountain gorilla. A big part of what makes the gorilla trek so special is that these big apes are so closely related to humans (the difference in DNA is only about 1.6%). They do seem to touch a nerve when they look at us with interest. The gorillas’ natural habitat is restricted to a relatively small area in a historically turbulent region.

But this region has stabilized and tourism is picking up throughout, which make gorilla tours increasingly accessible.

Habitat loss is now the main obstacle to the survival of gorillas, and money spent on gorilla tourism goes a long way in securing their survival.

Gorilla Trekking Safaris: Untold Stories

Explore the World of Gorillas with Raise Travels and Tours. Visit these Popular Gorilla Trekking Destinations for a memorable day. You will enjoy your tour with us!

Travel Tips

We love our Uganda & make sure the benefits of our business stays here. Our Uganda safari package chain contributes to the development of tourism infrastructure.

Nile River Expedition: White Water Rafting

For this Dubai tour, Make your bookings with Raise travels and Tours.

East Africa’s Adventure Capital, Jinja is home to some of the world’s finest grade 5 white water rafting and other adventure activities.

Whether you are a first-timer, family or high adventure enthusiast, you’ll find your perfect white water adventure with us.

With a commitment to safety, quality and value for money, We focus on providing our clients with an all inclusive experience of the Nile. We take a personal interest in every detail of your day to ensure your time with us is simply unforgettable.



Mountain Climbing in Uganda Safaris

Enjoy the unforgettable Hiking Experience on Uganda’s steep mountains. Uganda is a land of hills, valleys, picturesque planes and Volcano Mountains offering the most unforgettable hiking experiences in Uganda that can be achieved from Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Mount Elgon National Park and Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Hiking up a volcano is a test of character, strength and finally an accomplishment that leaves you prouder than before the hike.

Latest Customer Reviews

  • "They were very attentive to detail, informative and gave us the best service. Can't wait to travel with them again. Oh that Gorrila trek was breath taking. Raise Travels made sure all the paper work was in order, and the reservations were made accurately, so we had no problem whatsoever. We stayed in a variety of accommodation, but all of them were clean, well situated, and with friendly staff."
    Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony
  • "Wonderfull and unforgettable experience!! - I just came back from my 15 days tour around Uganda with Raise Travels and Tours, so friendly, informative and gave me, and the rest of the group, the best service. I wish I could go with them again. Thanks to Wandera. They are very interested in show us a wide range of animals mamals, birds , herbivorus and landscapes. Hearbreking in its beauty.!!"
    Christina Hardy
    Christina Hardy
  • "Amazing experience in Uganda!! – Big thanks to Raise Travels and Tours for this amazing experience in Uganda!! A big thanks to Hamza for organizing our trip and all the planning done, another big thanks to our guide Madi for taking good care of us during our trip. If you visit Uganda, plan your trip with Raise Travels and Tours!! Great guys that take care of everything (also they have some beautiful lodges to stay in with amazing food and service)"
    Jane Bennett
    Jane Bennett