There are limited activities that you can do in Uganda that won’t challenge you to do this activity but if you go for some like gorilla trekking safaris in the two game park of Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi forest national park, chimpanzee trekking in Kibale national park, nature walks, village walks, and several others that include you moving on foot, at some point you will be forced to overcome some anthill or something with a relatively higher altitude.

There are several places where you can do this activity and few tour operators arrange them in Uganda and among the few is Raise Travels and Tours so feel free to contact us via our inbox for the glimpse of overlapping mountain climbing/hiking experiences. And many of the places where to do this activity are listed below.


Mountain climbing/ hiking at Rwenzori mountains national park.

When planning to hike this mountain, be ready to hike over 5000 meters above sea level that will take you another of days to get to the highest peak of this mountain called Magherita. This mountain climbing or hiking activity is carried out in one of the 10 national parks in Uganda that have a lot of the wildlife, birds and plant species conserved from the possible risk of depletion. This mountain Rwenzori national park is found in the western part of Uganda  and Democratic Republic of Congo border that separates the two countries.

The mountain climbing safari can be arranged to this park at your best time of approval. While on move to the top of the mountain from the slopes/ bottom, consider having a light stomach, there must be some kind of dressing recommended preferably cotton made clothes, cotton gloves, cotton stockings, the hiking books, and water proof jacket or coat because any moment, rain will fall on you. Also, prior hiking date, consider doing some physical fitness maintaining routines like jogging to avert the muscles pull incidences of attacks. After conquering climbing this mountain to the top, you will go mute for the unwavering beauty embedded on the top most part of this Mountain Rwenzori national park. You may even opt not to return back because what is on top is so cute and a selfie up there feels like you are on another planet. But still before reaching on tip, there are several attractions and resting points along the trails put up, you will be exchanging directions with animals, birds spotted are peculiar and the niceness of the view brought in by every new height conquered is beyond explanation in words.

You will go through different types of mountain vegetation that you could have never seen before. Just make sure you phone has enough batteries; your camera is also well prepared because they moments to capture are too many and you should not miss any.  For more about mountain climbing of the highest horst mountain in the African continent the Rwenzori Mountains which also doubles as national park, kindly come to our inbox and let it know to us. Find us on


Elgon mountain national park.

Elgon Mountain was also gazetted as a national park based on its natural endowments that needed to be conserved and guarded form those that had intentions of putting them in danger at the risk of depletion.  This is the home to the largest caldera East African region. And the mountain climbing or hiking experience to its Wagagai peak is the unbeatable experience that will give you an opportunity to spot different animals , birds, vegetation on your way to the top and when at the peak, you will know why up to now and till tomorrow Uganda will be called the pearl of Africa.  This will also avail you with an opportunity to be in two countries of Kenya and Uganda without a visa. Elgon mountain national park is located in the eastern part of the country in the Uganda – Kenyan border separating the two countries.

Prior reaching to this mountain, you will go through the source of the Nile in Jinja, Mabira forest and several others and Bamasaba land. The romantic Sipi falls is also just adjacent to this national park so you may opt to reach there too and hike the three falls here. For any additional information about the mountain climbing or hiking activity on this mountain, please let it be known to us by sending it to our inbox.

 Mountain sabinyo, Muhavura and Gahinga.

These three mountains are both found in the south western part of the country along the Uganda – Rwanda border with the highest being mountain Muhavura having the highest peak of 4,127 meters above sea level, followed by Mountain Sabinyo with an elevation of over 3,645 meters above sea level and finally Gahinga has the 3474 meters above sea level. Now you can see how there is a lot for you to climb/ hike once you are in the pearl of Africa. Any of these mountains is located in the Virunga part which is shared by three countries of Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda implying if you reach to the top of any of these mountains, you are definitely in three countries without paying visa fees. What privilege! By the way while on your way to the top of any of these mountains on a lucky day, you may encounter mountain gorillas that are on their mission for food and worry you not no Uganda wildlife authority an official will ask for your gorilla trekking permit guaranteeing you to have time with gorillas since it’s just a coincidental encounter. Each of these mountains can be climbed in day so get ready to explore them in three days and view the tree countries at the same point.

You can blend up the mountain climbing safari in Uganda by visiting the medley of wonders and view the big 5 animals, have boat cruise on the channel that is rich with bird and animal species and as well joins the two lakes of George and Edward together, go to the most vigorously flowing falls in the region the mighty Murchison falls at Murchison fall national park, have a visit to trek chimpanzees at the primates capital of Kibale national park and be among the few that have been to the primates capital where a half of the whole planet earth remaining chimpanzees are kept or visit the landlords of the thick forested Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and get an unbeatable thrill of one hour encounter with the mountain gorillas. If you did visit all three above destination and do hiking, you will be among the champions of the few who partially tried to explore half of Uganda’s beauty. Are you not seeing what you are looking for?  Kindly contact us via and we shall with love help you.

Welcome to east Africa!